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Topic: Hurdles - I help people with disabilities The aim is for students to understand how much more effort people with disabilities need and how much more they need to think in order to complete the various missions correctly and quickly. People with disabilities feel better when they have the opportunity to cope on their own, but with the help of…

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Cricket in the first high school stage (grades 9-11) In this educational stage, in general, tasks are set for improving and consolidating the acquired knowledge and skills in cricket, as well as: Deepening the knowledge and improvement of sports equipment and tactics in cricket Improving physical fitness and harmony of the physique through the methods and means of sport…

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Cricket in junior high school The goals of the training are to expand sports education by acquiring knowledge, mastering sports-technical and tactical skills in cricket. The student must: know the rules of the sport of cricket to master the technique of hitting the ball Mastering the technique of shooting (throwing) the ball Performs individual and group tactical actions (defense) in…

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Objective: to clarify the concepts of 'identity' and 'differences'. Expected results: All students to increase their knowledge about the different categories of people with special educational needs, to get acquainted with other differences between people and to acquire a higher level of tolerance in society. Everyone is different and has a different role in society. The word "identical"

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"Let your food be medicine and medicine - food" Hippocrates, ancient Greek physician Healthy eating is not only important for our well-being, but can literally save us from a number of diseases. As we all know, unhealthy food is the cause of many diseases - heart disease, obesity, brittle bones, high blood pressure and…


The food we eat should contain the following nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates, water, mineral salts and vitamins. In some foods these substances are more, and in others - less or absent. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates supply energy to our body and build it, and vitamins, water and minerals help it to да


Objective: Adolescents to know the basic features of the rule of law and to build an idea of the importance of regulation in public relations based on the rule of law. Expected results: To build ideas and concepts that will be a guiding principle for young people to live in state institutions. Know the levels of public administration and powers…

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Objective: Students to acquire basic information about the concepts of personality, relationships and interpersonal relationships. Expected results: The quality of communication in the classroom to be improved. Supporting information: Interpersonal relationships are communication, friendship, intimacy, a relationship between two or more people, which can be temporary or long-term. This closeness and friendship can be based on love, solidarity…

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