UNDERGRADUATE STAGE of psychology training

Objective: Students to acquire basic information about the concepts of personality, relationships and interpersonal relationships. Expected results: The quality of communication in the classroom to be improved. Supporting information: Interpersonal relationships are communication, friendship, intimacy, a relationship between two or more people, which can be temporary or long-term. This closeness and friendship can be based on love, solidarity…

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Objective: Children and young people to know their rights, but also to build an idea of the importance of fulfilling their responsibilities. Increased attention in compliance with their own obligations, as well as understanding the opportunities for each individual to seek their rights. As we said in the previous topic on interpersonal relationships, each of you is a separate person. Every person…

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Objective: to clarify the concepts of "identity", "community" and "differences". Expected results: All students to increase their knowledge of the different categories of people with special educational needs, to get acquainted with other differences between people and to acquire a higher level of tolerance in society. Supporting information: Identity = uniformity, similarity, similarity, similarity. Difference = difference, distinction,…

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