Physical education and sport

Topic: Hurdles - I help people with disabilities The aim is for students to understand how much more effort people with disabilities need and how much more they need to think in order to complete the various missions correctly and quickly. People with disabilities feel better when they have the opportunity to cope on their own, but with the help of…

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Cricket in the first high school stage (grades 9-11) In this educational stage, in general, tasks are set for improving and consolidating the acquired knowledge and skills in cricket, as well as: Deepening the knowledge and improvement of sports equipment and tactics in cricket Improving physical fitness and harmony of the physique through the methods and means of sport…

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Cricket in junior high school The goals of the training are to expand sports education by acquiring knowledge, mastering sports-technical and tactical skills in cricket. The student must: know the rules of the sport of cricket to master the technique of hitting the ball Mastering the technique of shooting (throwing) the ball Performs individual and group tactical actions (defense) in…

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