Sports for people with disabilities

Subject: Steeplechase - I help people with disabilities

The goal is for students to understand how much more effort people need
with disabilities and how much more they have to think to perform correctly
and quickly the different missions. People with disabilities feel better when they are able to manage on their own, but helping others gives them confidence and self-esteem. Discuss what facilities should be created for their movement and why it is important to have them in school.

The students are divided into two teams, and for each team the conditions of people with different disabilities – visual, physical, etc. – are recreated.

Various obstacles such as chairs, balls, bags, etc. are arranged. objects.

The participants of both teams travel the same time course.

Topic: List the sports for people with disabilities and what disabilities they are suitable for. If you know an athlete with a disability, please write their name, sport and achievements.

Major sportName of disability sportFor blind peopleFor people with mental disabilitiesFor people with physical disabilities

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